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NDT Tanknicians: Environmental & Industrial Resolutions

Specializing in the Inspection of Above Ground & Underground Storage Tanks


NDT Tanknicians: Environmental & Industrial Resolutions


401 S 3RD ST
LOUISBURG Kansas 66053
United States


(866) 954-2915

NDT Tanknicians, is a Heavily Certified Environmental Inspection and Compliance Group. We are experts in the inspection of underground storage tanks, pipelines, pressure vessels, protective coating and lining systems. Our certified API, STI, NACE & ASNT Inspectors utilize industry leading techniques such as Non-destructive Testing (NDT), to gather quantitative data on the structure of interest. This allows us great insight when determining the structural integrity, remaining life, and fitness-for-service of a structure and its components. We also offer environmental remediation services such as Industrial Cleaning and Industrial Painting to a variety of projects.



Louisburg is a city in Miami County, Kansas, United States. As of the 2020 census, the population of the city was 4,969. == History == === 19th century === Prior to the American Civil War, the land of what is now called Louisburg was part of an area reserved for members of various tribes of Native Americans who were ceding their lands in Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. Settling there were the Peoria, Wea, Piankeshaw, and Kaskaskia tribes which together eventually became the Confederated Tribe of Peoria. Traders and missionaries often visited the area, and by 1854 Euro-American farmers began moving nearby, establishing homes.

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