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Grants Are Available to Small Businesses in Killeen’s Downtown Area

The American Rescue Plan is directing a total of $1 million for the North Killeen disaster relief effort.

Businesses in the downtown Killeen region will benefit from this effort, which will help incentivise and encourage them to establish and grow their operations in the area. Businesses have been adversely affected by the pandemic throughout its duration, and the city hopes that these subsidies would be of assistance.

Tyrone Murphy has owned Blades Barbershop in downtown Killeen for ten years and has been in the barbering business. His belief is that the downtown area is in desperate need of a fine barbershop of his caliber, and he appreciates the fact that it is adjacent to Fort Hood.

Because of these factors, he expresses gratitude for the grant: “It helps propel you forward, it helps with remodeling, it helps to turn your firm…” make some upscale appearances so that clients will want to visit because the downtown area appears to be a little run down.”

He went on to say that the funding may help him upgrade his decor, which, in turn, would attract more clients in the long term.

In addition, “we have two grant programs that started today; one is for current businesses located within the city of Killeen who have seen financial harm as a result of covid, and the grant is essentially $10,000,” said Danielle Singh, assistant manager for the City of Killeen.

Singh explained that, in addition to the program for current businesses in downtown Killeen, there is yet another program available.

“The other program is for businesses looking to start up or expand in the downtown Killeen area,” Singh explained.

The programs are mostly geared toward small firms with fewer than 50 employees.

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